Intuitive Bliss is a community of healers: mediums, energy healers, body workers, empaths and coaches whose deepest desire is to empower you to live authentically.

Our mission is to connect you to the essence of you through our different modalities.  You can tap into this omniscient power by engaging more deeply with your joy, your inner peace, love and innate healing abilities.

Living authentically in this way gives you permission to pursue what feels good, which helps you attract more love, compassion and bliss into your life. Being in touch with your inner truth is the genesis of all you desire in this life.  Thus you will experience more synchronicities, awareness, connection, light-heartedness and LOVE.

We intend to hold space for ourselves, clients and communities as they reach the deep knowing inside them and express that outwardly.

Our dream as healers is to uplift others to live a life of bliss both individually and as a community. We know that living with your feelings as your compass leads to your most authentic, awakened and beautiful life.

Contact Co-Founders Melanie Schrier and Erin MacEwen for information about services, becoming a healer, press and/or other inquires.