Jaycee is warm, disarming and intuitive. Clearly has the gift.
— A.K.
My reading with Erin was a very positive and powerful experience, and helped me prepare for what was to come.
— Sandra G.
Melanie is one of those rare special people that if you are lucky, you get to meet once in your life. Her reading brought me clarity and the ability to see my life through fresh eyes.
— M.C.
Working with Meg, I can actually feel, both spiritually and physically, the energy work happening in that moment — which is just completely amazing and so spiritually reaffirming! And this is all over the phone which I find completely mind-boggling how this can work, but I can’t deny the facts!
— H.K.S.
With so many specific details I knew right away that Erin had connected with my closest relative on the other side. His message that she shared with me was so meaningful to me and my wife! It rang so true, especially when she mentioned a life change my wife and I had discussed just a few hours prior to my reading! It touched both of our hearts deeply and will stay with us forever!”
— Mark R.
Really good experience. Jaycee comes from a place of deep kindness and compassion with no ego involved in what she has to share. The information was very helpful and affirming. Reminded me of who I am and left me with a new commitment to my path and what really needs my attention and intention right now. Also reminded me of the support and care that is always there from my various guides if I will simply open to it.
— Anette P.
Melanie is such a beautiful soul. She truly understands how to be a whole person by recognizing not only the physicality of life, but also the energy that surrounds us all and our ability to mold it. Her work with others is always highly accurate, but also caring and done with great integrity. And not only is she a pleasure to work with, she is fun to be around! I have no hesitation in recommending her, in any intuitive, psychic, or manifesting capacity.
— KC
I found Meg at a time in my life where everything was chaotic and overwhelming. Through my work with her I have found a connection to a part of myself I did not know was there. Working with Meg has been a blessing!
— B.P.
Erin is really great at getting the deep emotional stuff. For me at least, it isn’t that she recognizes faces that is important, it’s that she was really able to understand my emotions and concerns. That was really powerful for me. “
— Darby J.
Melanie is incredibly talented! She gave me useful energy tools and insights on how to work towards my goals. She is endearing and compassionate making it easy to talk to her about the not so easy things.
My reading was both positive and insightful. Jaycee did an excellent job providing a welcoming and safe environment. She made me feel very comfortable and always welcomed any questions I had about my reading or her practices. The reading itself allowed me some much needed closure and helped me think about my future. I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting a reading!
— K.K.