Melanie is an Energy Healer that utilizes her intuitive ability to access information stored in your energy that can be used to heal and help you obtain the life you have always wanted.  She has a degree in Human Development from California State University, East Bay.  She is certified in Reiki I and II and has a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®.  She has also studied healing modalities in Matrix Energetics and with intuitive Cyndi Dale.  Along with continuing to learn other healing modalities, she enjoys some fun with teaching others how to manifest things both large and small. 

Melanie is also an investigative consultant for the Find Me Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting law enforcement and families locate missing loved ones.

An appointment with Melanie has no limits.  It's all about YOU!  Bring your questions/concerns and be ready to focus on healing yourself.  By virtue of healing yourself, you are healing those around you as well.  A huge benefit!  You will begin to see the ripple effect that only energy work can offer.  Sessions are  60-75 minutes and can be performed in-person or by phone. Book an energy session here.

A Deeper Look

We are all psychic.  We are all intuitive.  We all have the ability to tap into our deep knowing and create what we wish.  How different would life be if you knew your relatives did not leave when they ‘died’.  How would each day go if you knew you had all the answers and could rely on your inner ability?

Ever since I can remember I have had experiences with those whom have passed, synchronicities, premonition dreams, intuition and manifesting things I wanted without realizing it.  Not understanding the connection of these occurrences is what prompted me to look deeper into the meaning of what all this ‘IS’.  Opening my mind to all the possibilities of the universe has proven fruitful for me and is what I wish to share.

This path has led me to study many different cultures and religions.  I have trained and been mentored by amazing mediums along the way.  Studying with energetic healers such as Cyndi Dale and learning modalities in Matrix Energetics and Reiki, allows me to access information in different ways during sessions with clients.  I have a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®  from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® which allows me to help and advise clients on a deeper level.  I live by the words of Esther and Abraham Hicks and their manifesting guidance.

I want to share all that I have learned with you as I believe this understanding is the key to healing.

We are all connected and have the ability to heal ourselves and one another.  Whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually.  We are powerful beyond measure and it is our time to step into the full capacity of ourselves.

You will find that a session with me is limitless.  There is no one way to help someone.  I will utilize all my tools and knowledge to help you move through blocks, beliefs, and illness.  There may be a few passed loved ones who pop in to help as well.  I never know exactly what a session will entail, however I am always guided in what my client needs.

Thank you for connecting with me.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this level.

Session Info

- Individual Session 60 Minutes - $120

- Check in session (available for returning clients only) 30 minutes - $60

- Package of three sessions (recommended for first time clients) includes 1 additional 20 minute check in call or email - $310

- Package of six sessions (recommended for acute issues that need to be worked on) includes 2 additional 20 minute check in call or email  - $612

- Email - (available for returning clients only) - $45

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About Me

Ask me any question and I will do my best to give perspective and advice.

Life is a matter of perspective, and I love viewing life through a kaleidoscope of experiences.  It allows for a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Melanie is such a beautiful soul. She truly understands how to be a whole person by recognizing not only the physicality of life, but also the energy that surrounds us all and our ability to mold it. Her work with others is always highly accurate, but also caring and done with great integrity. Melanie places a high value on perfecting her skills and her abilities to translate this spiritual information into information that can be utilized in our physical world. And not only is she a pleasure to work with, she is fun to be around! I would be pleased to work with her, and have no hesitation in recommending her, in any intuitive, psychic, or manifesting capacity.
— K.C.
Melanie is incredibly talented! I was impressed with how easily she was able to connect with those whom have passed. We also spoke about many personal concerns. She gave me useful energy tools and insights on how to work towards my goals. She is endearing and compassionate making it easy to talk to her about the not so easy things. Thank you!!
Melanie is one of those rare special people that if you are lucky, you get to meet once in your life. She has a special god given gift and was able to give me one of the most cherished readings of my life…being able to connect with my mother on the other side. Her reading brought me clarity and the ability to see my life through fresh eyes.
— Marisa C.
I had an amazing reading with Melanie. She read my energy and could see that I was holding onto limiting beliefs about myself and fears about a family member. It was incredibly helpful for me to realize them. I’ve also been working with her on manifesting, and she always has new, helpful info to share - links, books, even movies to watch. She is always learning, and I know that I’ll always be growing as I work with her. I also know that she has the best, highest interest at heart. She is a true friend to anyone she works with!
— E.M.
Thank you for the reading on my birthday! It was a special gift :) Your insight about my favorite aunt who passed away was right on. I am so pleased that she used you as an instrument to communicate with me. It was very emotional and it’s wonderful to know that she is watching over me!
— C.C.
Melanie is very good at what she does. Even though we spoke over the phone, on opposite sides of the country, all I did was say my name and she nailed it! Not just talking about obvious things in life, but what is specific in mine. The way she speaks to you is calming, soothing and reassuring. Looking forward to my next reading
— Doreen T.
After always possessing this gift, Melanie has not only decided to embrace it, but to share it with others. She has taught me a lot about being in touch with myself and how to strive to be a good person. She has touched many people and I foresee there will be countless more.
— R.R.
Melanie is magical and enchanting. She is genuine and sensitive and open to spirits and higher energies. From the time I met her I knew she had an amazing gift to share with others. She is an amazing medium and energy worker. Her light shines bright in this world!
— Lora M.

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