Meg is a potent healer and an intuitive who is here to welcome and guide you with compassion as you heal and evolve your history into your most vibrant present and future.  With a heart-centered approach, she will help you connect with your spirit, heal wounds and embody peace, freedom and wholeness. She intuitively uncovers stuck patterns and beliefs in order to illuminate and redirect them towards life-affirming and supportive ways of being. She will invite you to fully participate in the moment to release, heal, unwind and re-pattern what is ready to transform. Allowing you to cultivate joy, kindness and inner-knowing and help you gain perspective on the opportunity in each experience.

Her specialties include unwinding tense nervous systems and stored trauma, creating a nurturing healing space for self-reflection and discovery, strengthening the mind-body connection, insightful wisdom teachings and the evolving realization of embodied consciousness. A session with Meg will bring you into the present moment with a deeper sense of self, calm and openness to LIFE.

Services Offered:

Remote Energy Medicine: Over the phone, Meg will connect one on one with you in order to facilitate healing via energy medicine, ease and loosen stuck patterns, answer questions through intuitive insight and unlock deeper meaning to life events. She will guide and empower you in transforming your suffering to live your fullest and most embodied life. A greater sense of ease, clarity and trust is fostered in this work. New-client consultations, single sessions and packages are available below.

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What to Expect:

Each session is a co-created experience where you are held in a sacred space as I employ various tools such as meditation, visualization, sound healing, channeling, breathing techniques and Intuition Medicine®.  I will communicate information as it arises or will be silent in order to allow energies to assist with the healing process. The ultimate goal is to bring you into the present moment where life is lived more fully; with a deeper sense of clarity and well-being.

I offer my services as a translator and guide through your unique journey.  You have all of the wisdom, knowledge and answers within yourself.  I am here to assist in your discovery.



About Me

Since infancy, the veil between the physical and spiritual world has been quite thin.  Over the years, I expanded my knowledge base with bodywork and spiritual training in order to clearly interpret messages and facilitate profound healing for the body, mind and spirit.

I hold a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, California and am a certified yoga teacher, Yamuna® Body Rolling and Kinesthetic NLP practitioner and Reiki Master.

I am an alchemist and  evolutionary transformation is my passion. It is my life purpose to guide, teach and empower others in living their fullest and most embodied life, remembering who they truly are and honoring the sacred inspiration of their heart.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Meg Powell. Meg was as kind as she was knowledgeable during our session and she proceeded at a pace I was very comfortable with.

During the session itself, I became more relaxed. In the days that followed, I felt a sense of lightness and peace. The most interesting outcome was that I felt so much more like myself. It felt like holes had been filled in...with more of me! I have never had a treatment quite like it and I would whole-heartedly recommend working with Meg. I’m so thankful to have worked together.
— P. J.
On the physical side of my overall health, when I first started working with Meg I had been dealing with a severe and debilitating illness for over 2 years. Doctors were perplexed and couldn’t seem to figure out the cause or a treatment. At the time I started working with Meg I had just found a new doctor who started me on a new medical program. I couldn’t say definitively which helped me more - Meg or the new medicines - but after 2 years of illness all of my symptoms are falling away to become a thing of the past and I feel great!! I truly believe it was both of these things working in tandem that finally turned things around for me.

I also specifically noticed that working with Meg improved my insomnia greatly and I started dreaming again - which I hadn’t done in over a year. On the spiritual side of things I feel like my eyes are opening when I hadn’t even realized they were closed. I’m more in tune with my spiritual wants and needs and am able to ground out stress, which leaves me feeling generally much more tranquil. I had tried all sorts of treatments for my illness, including many metaphysical options, but though I noticed perhaps minute improvements nothing helped me in such a huge monumental way as working with Meg did/does. I also always compared my self to a boulder or a rock in the fact that I could never “feel” any energy work happening to me the way I have heard others describe their experiences. Working with Meg, however, I can actually feel, both spiritually and physically, the energy work happening in that moment - which is just completely amazing and so spiritually reaffirming! And this is all over the phone which I find completely mind-boggling how this can work, but I can’t deny the facts!

I’ve been working with Meg for about 2 months now and have recommended her to several friends already. I would highly encourage people to seek out her help and wisdom. She has certainly been a godsend to me.
— Holly K.S.
Meg was a saving grace for me at a very challenging time in my life. I had just lost my job and was feeling panicked, distressed, and disconnected from higher power. Meg helped me tune into myself and settled my fears.
Alongside this - she brilliantly intuited I needed to make a big change in my life and move elsewhere. Her guidance helped me find a quiet reprieve that allowed me to to take the brave next steps to settle into a new life that supports my vision. I’m now living in a new town, re-enrolled in college after 15 years, and moving toward a quieter and more sustainable life. I couldn’t have done it without her help. I highly recommend Meg to anyone seeking wise counsel and lasting change.
— Hadass K.
I found Meg at a time in my life where everything was chaotic and overwhelming. Through my work with her I have found a connection to a part of myself I did not know was there. Over the past few months I’ve felt the depth of my spiritual connection grow. I’ve found an inner calm I forgot was possible and I’ve greatly increased my ability to ground and be present in the moment. Overall I just feel more connected to my true self and my ability to see the bigger picture. Working with Meg has been a blessing and I look forward to being able to continue to do so.
— B.P.
As anyone might, I entered into this with skepticism. But I would say what got my attention was a couple of things. First of all, when I’m talking to her, even when she’s on the phone in silence, I am in a state of blissful meditation. Which in the last 20 years has been nearly impossible to achieve. The other thing is, I had a chronic back problem in my upper back that was a very specific muscle by the scapula that had been inflamed for years. And she cured it.
I have to take her word on it that she’s curing things that need to be cured on a spiritual level, but when this healing takes place I do feel like I’m being healed though I’m not sure of what.
I would definitely recommend her to a friend.
— Gary C.

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