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Jaycee is a psychic medium and intuitive. She is able to connect with your departed loves ones and receive information to assist you be your best self. Jaycee primarily uses her sense of clairaudience to relay information to clients. She has studied with a professional evidential medium for four years and is certified in Reiki I. Jaycee has a degree in history from Saint Mary’s College of California. 

Jaycee offers psychic mediumship readings, during which she establishes a connection to your loved ones and delivers their messages. Readings are $120 for 60 minutes by phone or in-person.

To book a reading, please send an email to jaycee@intuitive-bliss.com with the best number to reach you at and 3 - 4 preferred dates with general morning, afternoon, or late afternoon availability. Please note that during communication before a reading it is best to not specify who you are looking to hear from in spirit.

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What is a reading like with Jaycee?

Jaycee is an incredibly in-tune and empathetic medium. Right off the bat, she received a vision of me in a way that no one ever really sees (unless they were invisibly watching me). Throughout the session, she gathered great insight into my past, present, and future, giving me a sense of reassurance that I am, in fact, watched after and protected. Jaycee made the session a nurturing and safe experience. I would most definitely call out her to again. If anyone is going through a transition and needs some affirmation and guidance from ancestral sources, Jaycee would be a wonderful choice.
— Kimberly K.



Intuition. Spirit. Vibes. Gut feelings. There is more to this world then what we experience with our five senses. But in our day to day lives it can feel overwhelming and confusing to try and tune in to these other messages. 

You’ve experienced Spirit when you find a penny in an odd spot right when you need reassurance most. Or when you feel the presence of your loved one who has passed away just as though they were in the room with you. 

As a psychic medium and intuitive, it is my purpose to guide you to connect with your own sixth sense. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intuitive. At seven years old, I began receiving messages from deceased loved ones. In sixth grade, I would be prepared for “surprise” pop quizzes in class because I dreamed about them the night before. As I grew, so did my sensitivity to Spirit. But I didn’t have a framework for my intuition that fit with what I was learning from society. I asked for my sixth sense to go away because it didn’t match my logical thinking.

And it did. Until someone I loved passed away suddenly years later. She persisted with the evidential messages I needed to satisfy my logic.

Bank account numbers to others’ personal accounts. Names and relationships to individuals she knew in life, but I had never met or known about. Detailed messages for other family members about their life purposes. 

The loving, evidential messages didn’t stop coming from her and others.

I sought out a mentor to teach me how to channel my intuition ethically without too much of the “woo-woo” stuff. After many years of study with trained evidential mediums, I am excited to offer my services to you.

I’ve been where you are now; excited yet nervous, open but apprehensive about receiving a psychic mediumship reading or an intuitive consulting session. Compassion, quality, and understanding comprise the heart of each reading I give because Spirit is equivocal with unconditional love. There is nothing to be afraid of as only the most loving, healing messages will come through.

Working with Spirit graced my life in unimaginably beautiful ways. You, too, can have the life-changing experience of a loving, healing reading or session. 


Let's connect! Reach Jaycee via email at jaycee@intuitive-bliss.com