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We are Intuitive Bliss. Here to empower you on your journey. Peruse our healers to find the modality which best serves you. If you're looking for another type of alternative healing, such as hypnosis, past-life regression, astrology or massage and body work, please get in touch with us as we have a wide network and can refer you. To inquire about becoming a healer, please contact us


Jaycee Casalnuovo

Psychic Medium & Intuitive

I'm Jaycee. A psychic medium, intuitive, and lover of puns. It's my honor to connect you to the world of Spirit. As a psychic medium and intuitive, it is my purpose to guide you to connect with your own sixth sense. 


Melanie Schier

Intuitive Counselor & Energy Healer

As an intuitive, I utilize all the tools I have learned to help and guide you on your path.  With energy healing and guides as an assistance, we will explore what is keeping you from your goals and work together to achieve your ideal life.

Meg Powell

Intuitive Healer & Energy Medicine

I am an alchemist and transformation is my passion. I love to assist others in finding ease, grace, peace and restoration.


Erin-Marie MacEwen

Intuitive Coach

I'm an empath and intuitive. This means I understand emotions really well and can often sense the way others are feeling. I've always been this way, since I was little.