Erin is an Intuitive Coach, who connects with your energy to empower you and guide you in achieving your goals. Clairsentient and clairvoyant, she gets information in the form of her thoughts, feelings and pictures in her mind's eye. She has received training in coaching with Indrani Phillips and mediumship with Carmel Joy Baird, Susan Lustenberger and Melanie Jade Rummel. She is certified in Reiki I and II with Stacey Butcher and participated in workshops with James Van Praagh, Dr. Brian Weiss and Abraham & Esther Hicks. Erin has a degree in Journalism from the University of Washington.

Erin offers the following services:

Intuitive Coaching: With a goal in mind, Erin will help lay the groundwork to manifest a desire and create space for more joy and balance in your life.  She will help you see how your thoughts are working for you or against you, help you uncover limiting beliefs and re-train your brain for a more positive outcome. She offers a 6-week coaching package which includes a one-hour call per week, with weekly assignments. Email Erin to schedule a free consultation

Please note, Erin is taking a break from mediumship readings but highly recommends Jaycee Casalnuovo

What is it like to work with Erin?

Erin’s positive energy is contagious. I enjoyed my session not only for the reading but also to just talk to her. I felt a burst of energy and willpower after my session, and it has carried on to all aspects of my life. Erin suggested that my soul needed to get out there more often and make new friends and she was so right about that. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again.
— Roberta M.

My Story

I'm an empath and medium. This means I understand emotions really well, and can often sense the way others are feeling. I've always been this way, since I was little.

At 8 years old, I collected coins in a jar to give to the homeless in my hometown of San Francisco. It's as if I could feel their pain, their pain was mine, and I wanted to help.

As I grew older, my gift emerged as I became a good listener. Friends would open up to me easily, share their feelings and concerns, and sometimes their deepest secrets.

In 2012, after the birth of my first son, I discovered that not only was I an empath, but I could also tune into that which we cannot see. Every night before bed, I started to meditate and watch my thoughts. Soon, I came to realize that the thoughts had accents! Not only accents, but often a gender and an age.

I've been cultivating this gift ever since — learning as much as I can from books, teachers and mentors. 

I'm excited to help others in this way. For me, learning about the afterlife has been transformational. In five years, I've learned that everything I secretly hoped is true: it is possible to live the life you dream, there is a reason for everything, there are no coincidences. In learning that life exists beyond time, it teaches us to surrender to being, and to believe in ourselves. I hope to help you find that. 

I can share insight from above, by connecting with your Spirit or loved ones passed.




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Within a few minutes Erin started bringing in spirit, beginning with my mother. She described her physically first (right down to the shade that she colored her hair), and then described her personality. There was no doubt in my mind this was my Mom here to communicate with me. Erin relayed such kind and loving messages, as well as messages about my siblings that really resonated with me. She even went on to describe the dog I had when I was 6 or 7, right down to the breed and the color.

I highly recommend Erin. You will not be disappointed.
— Kirsten C.
With so many specific details I knew right away that Erin had connected with my closest relative. His message that she shared with me was so meaningful to me and my wife! It rang so true, especially when she mentioned a life change my wife and I had discussed just a few hours prior to my reading! It touched both of our hearts deeply and will stay with us forever!”
— Mark R.
Erin is really are great at getting the deep emotional stuff. For me at least, it isn’t that she recognizes faces or can describe what someone looks like that is important, it’s that she was really able to understand my emotions and concerns. That was really powerful for me. She has a wonderful gift.”
— Darby J.
My reading with Erin was a very positive and powerful experience.This reading was helpful, insightful, and helped me prepare for what was to come. Erin is calm, cool, collected and most compassionate.
— Sandra G.
I had such an amazing reading with Erin-Marie MacEwen! She connected me with love ones I have been hoping to come through for years now. I can’t tell you how grateful I am! She rocks!
— Tracy P.
I really loved my reading! I didn’t know what to expect and I ended up ending the call with a lot of clarity around an issue I have having. I would highly recommend that you book a reading with Erin, you won’t regret it!
— Kayla B.
Very wonderful reading. She brought my father through who passed away almost 40 years ago. She was accurate with everything she told me!! Highly recommend!!!!
— Beth H.
Positive, enlightening, and I felt much better after the reading. Erin was sweet and down to earth, I felt myself opening up more as the conversation progressed.
— Brianna B.
My session with Erin was amazing! She brought through significant and accurate messages from both my grandmothers and reminded me of the strength that I have. She’s an incredible person with a huge heart and great intuition.
— Courtney A.
Its been hard to find the right words to express how wonderful my reading was with Erin. She has a truly amazing gift and a lovely calming way of delivering such validating messages. I couldn’t have hoped for a greater outcome.
— Amanda 0.

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About Me

Dancing, adventures, picnics, hot yoga, tickling, laughing and sparkles are some of the things I live for. 

Serendipities, conscious manifesting and signs from the universe are icing on the cake.

I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter and living in Marin county, California.


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