Wonderment: The Answer We've Been Searching For

Love, joy, stars and sparkles. That all I’ve ever really wanted.

When I was a child, each night, I would fall asleep looking out my window, in dreamful wonderment. It was a state of peaceful bliss, of pure wonder of what this place was – how the stars above and the comfort of my cozy bed all tied together.

In a way, the stars seemed familiar. Like they were mine, I was theirs and they shared my secrets.

But – I was down here and they were up there. So wonderment I felt. Lost in a world of what is, what will be, why this, why that. It felt exciting, the mystery of it all, as if I was wrapped up in a cloud of sparkles only a dream could be.

Fast forward 25 years, and wonderment is still what I seek. So down the rabbit hole I go, and here I am:

An intuitive coach & medium.

Someone who can perceive and receive information from that which we cannot see. Someone who can communicate with those who’ve passed.

It’s incredibly fascinating to me. In the last five years, I’ve read every other-worldly book I could get my hands on, taken course after course, joined groups and circles, had various psychic, healing and mediumship readings. It has been quite a ride!

Incredible ups and incredible downs too. I’ve actually googled, “spiritual awakening and going crazy.” I’m not going to lie, this path is not for the faint of heart, but it is fascinating to realize that it’s true, we are not who we think we are. We are a soul who lives beyond our physical body. It breaks your whole world paradigm.

And to think we can communicate with that world? That I can communicate, actually that we all have that ability, because don’t you see? We are a soul first and foremost. So that ability – call it intuition, call it love or light – it is innate in us. It’s hard-coded into our being. How can you be a living soul in a body without access to your soul?

From this journey, I’ve gotten to know myself better and maybe feel a step closer to understanding this thing called life. But answers still elude me, and I realize now that they always will and that’s okay.

Because it’s wonderment that I truly seek.

It’s the sparkles the mystery creates.

So, thank you for exploring, wondering and dancing in the excitement of the stars here at Intuitive Bliss. To go deeper with a reading or a healing, learn about us on our Healers page.