How does manifesting work?

How does manifesting work?

Feeling a lack of focus on manifesting lately, I've been wondering about the process as a whole.

The universe rewarded my wonderment with 2 amazing manifestations within 3 days!

The first was babysitting on Friday night! Wanting to go out but getting 'no's' from three potential sitters I threw my hands up and said: "Universe, I really want to go out to celebrate my friend's birthday, but I'm not going to run around and stress out about it, so I'll leave it to you and if it happens, it happens!" Will you believe my sister calls me Friday morning and offers to drive 1.5 hrs to babysit?! Yay for Sisters! 👏

The second magical manifestation happened on Sunday! I've been wanting to join a group coaching program but didn't quite know if it was priority enough to pull out $700 from savings. I couldn't come to terms with that so I sort of took a lax approach and figured if it was meant to be somehow I would know.

Well, would you know I received an unexpected check from my last business of $179 that very week, found a $145 and $9 check I forgot to cash in my wallet and was given a $300 check just in time to join the program?!

I swear I didn't make this stuff up!

And it was a great reminder about the manifesting process! Don't stress! State it to the universe, feel that you really want it deep inside and let it go! (And I mean really let it go and be OK 👌 with it if it doesn't happen. )

Ok! That's it for now! How's it going for you?