Genes Can Be Changed

And now we have this:

"Genes can be changed by what you experience, and experiences can be external to yourself or internal things that you feel."

from Erik of the Channeling Erik blog

Genetic testing, a curse or a blessing? On one hand, it gives us more information about what we may or may not be at risk for — or in fact have. On the other hand, for some of us it tells a story that goes something like this: "Uncle So-and-so had x disease. He had to deal with it his entire life. He sacrificed a and gave up b. His work suffered as did his relationships. It only got worse." Well that sounds fun, doesn't it?! Too bad for you, you now 'have it'. Your destiny awaits my child — and wait, here's the kicker — it's permanent! It's your genes. Something that cannot be changed.

It's a destiny none of us want, and some like Angelina Jolie will take all steps medically possible to ward off the chance they may end up like the character in their story — in this case Angelina's mother who died of breast cancer.  Angelina had a double mastectomy once she learned she had the mutation that leads to a 5 to 10% chance of breast cancer.

A destiny that none of us want, that many of us feel is 'incurable.' But, the truth is — it isn't. Your genes are not in control. A mutation can exist, but will it turn 'on'? Will it develop as rapidly and fatally as it did for your relative? The answers here are unknown and uncertainty is the only truth.

After all, I'm learning genes can change — based on your experiences, your emotions, your diet. What if instead of choosing to think 'it's incurable' you think 'it's erasable'? Do you dare to think and believe only the best and re-test in five years? There are unlimited possibilities so they say .....