Recipe for Manifesting

I received a huge, life-changing gift recently, one that helped me discover a recipe for manifesting.

It was the discovery of the 'Vortex'. By signing up for Heal Your Life's newsletter on their website, I received a free gift — a two-hour recording of Jerry and Esther Hicks interviewing and channeling of an entity they call Abraham. Abraham discusses that we are spiritual beings, with the power to create our experiences on earth, in the physical form. He says the key to creating your experiences is to know what you want, focus on it and be in alignment with who you really are (a spiritual being) so that you can receive it. To know if you are in alignment with your spiritual self, you can look to your emotions. If you feel good, you are in alignment. If you don't, you are not. If you feel good, you are in the 'Vortex' — where all your unfulfilled desires await.

After I heard this recording, I focused on being in the vortex — and within two weeks I manifested a new cubical and a new house. I had been trying for nearly two months to manifest these things, so the universe already knew what I wanted, but it wasn't until I got into the Vortex that things started happening. I write this recipe down here as a reminder to myself and as a guide to you so we can all receive what we desire!

1) Get clear about what you want. Brainstorm, really think about what you want and why you want it. How will it serve you? How will it make you feel? Do you believe you deserve it? Journal the answers to these questions to become clear on exactly what you want and why you want it. Feel it in your heart. If you're not sure what you want, then you can ask for clarity. For instance if you want a new job, but you're not sure what kind of job, write down that you want clarity. Do you want money? Or do you want something (like a house) that you need money for? Really become clear about what you want and why. If you are a visual person, throw together a vision board that beautifully describes all that you want. Have fun with it, allow it to be an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

2) Feel what you want, and ask for it. Take a moment to relax and think about what you want. Then, feel it. What would it feel like if you had it? Can you visualize yourself having it? How would you feel? Would you be smiling? Would you be crying with joy? Can you feel how light you would feel? Remember and cherish this feeling. Once you are deep into the joy of feeling good, ask for it directly, out loud, in your head, on a piece of paper, in prayer, whatever way feels right to you.

3) Let it go. This is important. I've found that only once I let something go, did I receive it. Sometimes you can want something so bad that it feels like a 'need', not a 'want'. Having a great desire is good, but not when it takes you away from feeling good in the moment. Often when we want something so badly, it's because our present situation is giving us something we do not want. So, we are overlooking what we have, and feeling bad in the process. This takes us out of the Vortex, and out of alignment with our true spiritual selves. Out of the Vortex where other 'cooperative components' as they say are waiting to help us. 

This is where gratitude comes in. When we feel grateful for what we have currently, we feel there are blessings all around us: the food we eat, the water we drink, a nice home, a cozy blanket, a friend, a pet, a park on a sunny day. This makes us feel good, and brings us into the Vortex. I've also found that when I became grateful for the subject area of that which I want (for example a house) then and only then did it manifest. For the two months prior to manifesting the house, I did not appreciate my apartment. I saw all the negative things about it — that it did not have lots of natural light, that it was cramped with stuff, that it had carpet when I wanted hardwood floors, etc. By doing just a few things during that time period — purging stuff I didn't need, getting a desk to store all the mail and miscellaneous papers, realizing that the absence of light actually helped keep the apartment cool — I was able to open up to all the good about the space. I mentally made a list of all the reasons I liked it, and I made peace with it. Abraham actually says, "'The easiest way to get into the Vortex is to make peace with where you are."

So, make a list of everything you are grateful for. Think about your blessings at night before you go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning. Remember, there is abundance all around you, and abundance is available for everyone.

4) Feel good. As I mentioned before, when I started feeling good most of the time, the cubical and the house manifested for me. This is the key. I might even guess that as long as you focus on this and nothing else, that your experience will become what you want. It's my guess the universe already knows what you want. Just have faith, believe you deserve it, and notice the positive all around. If you are not feeling happy, focus on what is right in front of you. Are you wearing a shirt you like? Are you drinking a delicious latte? Did someone smile at you today? There is something good right in front of you. Notice it, and help it help you get back into the Vortex - your natural state.

All right! Let me know how it goes! :)