Manifest Your Dream Life

Last week, I was feeling a bit blue. I was 12 weeks pregnant and was feeling crummy - nauseous, a bit overwhelmed and tired. I have been trying to move through it, and push forward with my NEW! blog, but since I haven't been in the best frame of mind I did not feel as if anything inspiring would come out of writing. But, I started thinking about what would make me feel better, and a little voice in my head came up with this fabulous idea:

Visualize Your Dream Life

How fun is it to dream, especially when you're living in a fog. I started to think of all the wonderful things my life could be, and I instantly started feeling better. I first went to my dream kitchen, white cabinets with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, opening up a view of the background with floor to ceiling windows. Next to the kitchen was the big family room — a place where I saw my husband, son and future son or daughter playing games and eating pizza on a Friday night. Cheezy, I know! But that's my dream. :)

Outside was a big deck, large enough to host all my friends and family for a fun-in-the-sun BBQ, perhaps even swimming too! Who wouldn't want a pool, and after all, we live in Marin County where the sun shines every day so why not?!

Such a lucky lady I am! This is so fun, let's keep going. My kids go to a school they love, with fun, adventurous (but not too adventurous ;) friends, and I work for myself. I work with people, helping to make their lives better — and helping them to realize they are NEVER alone. They have angels at their side everyday, in spirit form and physical form. Life has a purpose, it's a school where we learn lessons of love, and this is what I teach. I give psychic and spirit readings, and I act as a personal coach as well, to help move things forward one step at a time.  My husband loves his job too. He works with awesome, fun people and comes home feeling fulfilled everyday. Our lives are balanced, and we feel blessed we like to share our story so others know that they, too, can live their DREAM LIFE.

Now, what is your DREAM LIFE? Can you visualize it?

Even better, can you write a short intention to summarize it? I wonder what would happen if we read it and felt it everyday?!


Everyday is an adventure — new people, conversations, things to see and learn. I love life, and I live it with joy! I'm blessed to live in a beautiful home in sunny Marin with my loving and healthy husband and children. My favorite things are playing games with my family at home, laughing, dancing, hiking, practicing yoga, eating — and exploring! Life's led me to become a Medium, and I love giving healing readings to those that come my way.