"Reach the Things I Cannot See"

In a reading I received the other day, words from the song "Am I Wrong" by Nico & Vinz came up, "Am I wrong for trying to reach the things I cannot see." This resonated with me right away — in my work toward becoming a medium I often wonder if I'm just wrong for wanting this — if it's something I'm reaching for that is just not within my reach. After all, I'm not the type of Psychic that has a box full of ghost memories from growing up. I slept walked a lot, sure, and even woke up singing one morning, but was I in the company of someone else? Unfortunately, I simply don't remember.

But you know — maybe, just maybe one day I will remember. And that's what this song inspires. By the end of the video the answer to the question, "Am I wrong," becomes crystal clear: never wrong. I could watch it over and over, you?